Discovery Club Box Spring Edition 2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you've all had a great week and now a great weekend. It's been awhile since my last post. I just really struggle to get the time to blog regularly because I am really busy during the week. So if you have any suggestions and advice on how I can keep up with my blogging on a more regular basis - please do let me know.

Today's post is about my Discovery Club box of goodies.

 If you haven't heard of this box - it's just a box by The Fragrance Shop that you pay £5 per quarterly to get a box with perfume samples. It's always nice to smell new perfumes and because of this I never run out of perfume to wear :) hehe!
With this box you also get some discount vouchers for if you wish to buy the full size products.

The first thing I noticed because I opened the package was the different shape the box was. The boxes are usually a squared box, so maybe they changed it a bit for this year. Which is great - love it!

Within this edition I received 7 samples of perfume. I really like how they give you some vouchers to. Always good to save money as perfume is really expensive! I would only splurge on a full sized perfume if I REALLY like it.

The perfume samples I got were:

Top 3 from left to right

Dolce & Gabana Floral Drops (2ml)
Stella McCartney (2ml)
Hugo Boxx Woman (2ml)

Bottom from left to right

Guerlain Paris (1ml)
Givenchy Very Irresistible (1ml)
Versace Eros (EDP 1ml)
Versace Eros (EDT 1ml)

A lot of these perfumes are floral scented which is due to the Spring themed edition of this box.
I am happy with the contents of this box and I think I got a generous amount of samples.

What did you get in your box?

Makeup Haul!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hey everyone!
How are you all?

These past 2 weeks or so, I kind of went on a splurge!
You know when you get in that mood where you're just like, I have too much but it doesn't matter, lets get some more anyways! lol.

Some items I was really curious to try, so I had to buy it! 

Below are further photos of the items and their cost.

First up we have some Barry M nail polish. I love Barry M nail polishes, they take up most of my collection. Really love them. 
The blue one is called Blueberry and the pink/red one is called Raspberry. Hmm, so fruity!
They were on offer at Boots the other day so I got them for buy one get one half price or something like that. I was originally going to buy one, but I saw the offer, so I took another!

At the moment, they do have an offer for Barry for 2 for £6 on selected Barry M cosmetics.

Gelly Hi Shine Blueberry - £3.99
Nail Paint Raspberry - £2.99

Barry M polishes never disappoint me, so I love to buy them! The Raspberry shade really got to me because it's like a nice pinky toned red. Pretty!

Up next, we had a Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo. I already a few shades of their color tattoos, and I like them. I think this is a new shade and it would make a really good highlighter!

Look at that pigmentation! Beautiful!

I bought this for £4.99 at Superdrug.

Now we have a mascara which is Maybelline's latest edition to their mascara range. I'm always a sucker for voluminous lashes, so I wanted to try this out.

The shape of the brush is very curved, hopefully this will help to add volume to the lashes as you apply them

I bought this liquid eye liner from Rimmel London. I really wanted to find a liner with a brush tip rather than a felt tip because I think with a brush tip, I would be able to apply it better as the stroke will apply more smoothly. 

And I was right, I used this one the other day and I love the way it applies!
I bought this for £5.29 at Boots.

Time for these beauties! I'm really excited to try these out!

These are the Maybelline 24 Hr lipsticks. Once again, they were on offer at Boots yesterday so I bought two!

I bought a nice muted pink one and a classic red colour. I swatched them on my hand at Boots and they stayed on my hand for the entire day! I had to scratch it off in the bath to get it off lol.
I hope this means they will stay put just as long on my lips.

The pigmentation is awesome!

I find it really interesting because there are two parts to this product, one is the gloss/lipstick side and the other is a balm that you put over it to make sure it stays on for a really long time.

I bought these for £8.99. Since I bought two, one was half price because of the offer.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my splurge. If you want me to do any reviews on these, do let me know :)