Urban Decay Vice 4 | Swatches

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed that I have started having a slight obsession with Urban Decay palettes! I love their packaging and their products!

For Christmas, my cousin got me the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette and it's beautiful! I already have the Vice 2 and 3 so this fits in nicely to my collection!

This palette is beautiful and rich with colour!

The packaging is so nice! The front has this shattered image effect in plastic and has colour on it which makes it look so cool and unique. This has to be my favourite brand that has such nice packaging! This is one of the brands where I am always impressed with their packaging.

You get 20 eyeshadows and their all packed with colour as you will see below of the swatches. It also comes with a big mirror which makes it perfect for travelling and good to use while applying your makeup. As with most of their eyeshadow palettes, this one also comes with a double ended brush.

Let's get down to the swatches!
The swatches are from the first row down.

The eyeshadows all swatch really good and have really good pigmentation. I am always satisfied with their eyeshadows. I would say they are my favourite high end brand!

I'm not sure if they still sell this palette in stores as this is a limited edition palette. However, you can still purchase this palette online. One of the websites you can find it on is www.feelunique.com for £43.

What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette? :)

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar | Day 7 - 25 Products

Monday, 28 December 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you've all had a very good Christmas and ate lots and lots of food! I still think we are in the Festive season till the new year atleast!

This post will just be about the rest of the products that came with my Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar. The whole calendar has been opened and it all looks so so colourful!

I was thinking of doing weekly round ups of the products that I got but I ended up being so busy so now I will go through a whole bulk of products that I got in this advent calendar starting from day 7 up until Christmas Day, day 25.

Here goes!

Day 7
Mono Eyeshadow - Shade: Delicious

Day 8
Amazing Sheer Lipgloss (no shade reference)

Day 9
Pink colour lipstick (no shade reference)

Day 10
Pressed Blush - Shade: Wow

Day 11
Mint Green nail polish (no shade reference)

Day 12
Intense Lipgloss - Pink coloured (no shade reference)

Day 13
Mono Eyeshadow - Shade: Base

Day 14
Highlighter - Shade: Hidden Lights

Day 15
Pink nail polish (no shade reference)

Day 16
Pressed Blush - Shade: Now

Day 17
Amazing Sheer Lipgloss Light Pink colour (no shade reference)

Day 18
Muted light blue nail polish (no shade reference)

Day 19
Mono Eyeshadow - Shade: Mountains of Gold

Day 20
Pink Lipstick (no shade reference)

Day 21
Highlighter - Shade: Golden Lights

Intense Lipgloss - Red Colour (no shade reference)

Day 23
Lipstick - Plum purple colour

Day 24
Red lipstick (no shade reference)

Day 25
Eyeshadow Palette (no shade or name for the palette)

So there are all the products I got in my advent calendar this year. I am happy with the varieties of the products I have received and I am excited to use these products to get a good idea of the brand overall.