Meeting Lily Pebbles and Anna :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hey there :)

Hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was quiet busy.

On Saturday I took my little niece to meet Mr Tumbles at Waterstones book store. She was so excited and happy to see him but she was so shy when we got to him to sign our books. She just stood there and gushed in shyness. Too cute! I love my niece so much!

On Sunday, Lily Pebbles and Anna had a little gathering in London. It was a lovely picnic and the weather was perfect for it! Lily Pebbles and Anna are beauty guru's and  have their own YouTube channels to :)
It was really nice of them to host this lovely picnic for their supporters.

I went with my good friend Zoe, who is a massive fan of them! We got to have a little chat with them and they seem so cool! Very down to earth and friendly. Anna even baked some lemon drizzle cake and offered it to everyone - boy that was some good cake! :) *yum yum*
Overall, it was a very nice day out! I'm also thankful that the weather stayed so nice and sunny.

I have only watched a couple of their videos, but now I want to watch more because I see how nice they are and their videos can be addicting - as you all know with beauty videos :)
I look forward to watching their upcoming videos.

Keep well beautiful people :) x

Sleek Makeup Rio Rio Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hello hello hello!

Happy Weekend! Whoop whoop!
What have you all got planned for the weekend? :)

Today's post is just going to be about Sleek Makeup's latest limited edition eyeshadow palette that I picked up at Superdrug last week. 

I was on the train back home from work and I saw Sleek post about their latest limited edition palette that is now on sale. Just noticing the packaging at first glance, I was immediately intrigued :)
When I got to my town I went to Superdrug and checked if it would be in store yet and it was! 

Done some swatches and bought it lol. 

I just couldn't resist that colourful box that the palette came in. I love colourful eyeshadows. Even though I have enough makeup to last me a life time, I still keep on adding to my collection. I may have a teeny tiny problem with buying too much makeup! lol

The packaging of this palette is exactly how their usual palettes are. Very sleek as their name suggests! Their palette's are also sturdy enough to carry around with you and because their packaging is so sleek, it does it give it a bit of a classy look due to their 
plain and simple look. 

I really like Sleek eyeshadows because of their pigmentation. 
Look at all that colour!


Below are swatches of this colourful palette



The colours are so pretty! I cannot wait to play with these colour and come up with some nice and colourful looks. This palette comes with 12 eyeshadows which are a mixture of mattes
 and shimmer eyeshadows. 

At a first glance, this may look like a summer time palette with bright colours for day time wear, but you can easily do different looks with this palette to make it suitable for night time. 

There is a black eyeshadow and a very nice dark blue on the bottom row. On the top row there is also a very pigmented cranberry/maroon colour. These dark colours can be used
 to smoke out any look! 

You also have a nice shimmer white shade on the bottom row which you could use to highlight your brow bone or inner tear ducts. The world can be your oyster with this palette :)

I bought this palette at Superdrug for £7.99.

You can also check Sleek Makeup's website for this palette
 if you click HERE 

Here is the link to this palette on Superdrug's website - click HERE 

But remember, this palette is limited edition. So it's on sale
 while stocks last. 

Get it quick! :)


Hope you enjoyed this post :)