Makeup Haul!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hey everyone!
How are you all?

These past 2 weeks or so, I kind of went on a splurge!
You know when you get in that mood where you're just like, I have too much but it doesn't matter, lets get some more anyways! lol.

Some items I was really curious to try, so I had to buy it! 

Below are further photos of the items and their cost.

First up we have some Barry M nail polish. I love Barry M nail polishes, they take up most of my collection. Really love them. 
The blue one is called Blueberry and the pink/red one is called Raspberry. Hmm, so fruity!
They were on offer at Boots the other day so I got them for buy one get one half price or something like that. I was originally going to buy one, but I saw the offer, so I took another!

At the moment, they do have an offer for Barry for 2 for £6 on selected Barry M cosmetics.

Gelly Hi Shine Blueberry - £3.99
Nail Paint Raspberry - £2.99

Barry M polishes never disappoint me, so I love to buy them! The Raspberry shade really got to me because it's like a nice pinky toned red. Pretty!

Up next, we had a Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo. I already a few shades of their color tattoos, and I like them. I think this is a new shade and it would make a really good highlighter!

Look at that pigmentation! Beautiful!

I bought this for £4.99 at Superdrug.

Now we have a mascara which is Maybelline's latest edition to their mascara range. I'm always a sucker for voluminous lashes, so I wanted to try this out.

The shape of the brush is very curved, hopefully this will help to add volume to the lashes as you apply them

I bought this liquid eye liner from Rimmel London. I really wanted to find a liner with a brush tip rather than a felt tip because I think with a brush tip, I would be able to apply it better as the stroke will apply more smoothly. 

And I was right, I used this one the other day and I love the way it applies!
I bought this for £5.29 at Boots.

Time for these beauties! I'm really excited to try these out!

These are the Maybelline 24 Hr lipsticks. Once again, they were on offer at Boots yesterday so I bought two!

I bought a nice muted pink one and a classic red colour. I swatched them on my hand at Boots and they stayed on my hand for the entire day! I had to scratch it off in the bath to get it off lol.
I hope this means they will stay put just as long on my lips.

The pigmentation is awesome!

I find it really interesting because there are two parts to this product, one is the gloss/lipstick side and the other is a balm that you put over it to make sure it stays on for a really long time.

I bought these for £8.99. Since I bought two, one was half price because of the offer.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my splurge. If you want me to do any reviews on these, do let me know :)

Estee Lauder First Impressions Swatches and New Video! :)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you all have had a nice weekend so far. This post is going to be all about Estee Lauder!
Last year in October was my birthday and one of the gifts was this really nice Estee Lauder gift set.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make a First Impressions of the brand from this set because I have never tried anything from this brand before so I was quiet excited!

I made a video which is down below:

This blog post will show the swatches of the products and my initial thoughts.

First up, the entire make up set came in this really nice and smart bag. Black and gold make such a nice combo!
The blackness of the bag is a nice silky texture and feels like luxury. They went for a snake skin event with the designs as you will see further down. You can see that the theme is this due to the snake skin effect on the zipper of the bag.

Initial thoughts... Oooooooooohhhh :) 

The set came with two layers of products as shown above. This comes with so many products with different varieties and I think you would get a pretty good impression with this brand with all these different products of theirs. 

Up next we have the products that are included within this set. Below is showing the eyeshadow palette and swatches.

The packaging is amazing! You can feel the luxury! The golden snake skin effect makes it look nice and classy. This palette also comes with a nice big mirror which makes it super nice for travelling!

In terms of the colour range of the eyeshadow palette, it's very neutral. A lot of natural brown colours which is good. I have done some swatches for you guys to see the colours.

First column

Second column

Third column

Fourth column

The colours are pretty decent in their pigmentation. The only one which I was not too happy with in terms of the pigmentation was the lilac shade in the second row. It swatches very lightly on my hand. But overall, all the shadows seem pretty nice :)

It also came with two blushes and the swatches are below.

These blushes are really good, I like them. The pigmentation of them is on point and blends in really well. It gives a nice glow to your cheeks to.

 In the video you can see me use the first pink blusher and some of the colours from the eyeshadow palette on my eye lids (ofcourse lol).

Below we have a little lip gloss set.

Maintaining the same packaging as the eyeshaow palette. Very nice!

 Love love love the packaging!

Colours from left to right

Usually I don't gravitate towards lip glosses in this type of packaging because it's harder to apply without getting your fingers a little messy. However, this does come with a lip brush and a mirror, so it would be ideal for travelling. This small lip gloss is a perfect size for your hand bag.

Here with have their Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara. What a title!
I used this in my video and it's pretty good! It does really add volume to your lashes, love it! 
Voluminous mascara's are my favourite type of mascara's so I had high hopes for this and it did impress me indeed.

They also included some skin care items in this set. This included a Revitalizing Supreme Anti Age Creme, Advanced Night Repair Oil and a big bottle of Makeup Remover. 
I am starting to get more into my skin care lately, so this is perfect to try out!
The packaging is maintaining the same glamorous effect with the golden lids of the products. So pretty :)

Here we have a perfume samples and a red nail polish in the shade: Fallen Angel. 
You can never go wrong with a red nail polish!

Above is a swatch of their Pure Colour black eye liner. I used this in the video, but it does not apply very well on the water line, which is how I usually use my usual black eye liner. So I would definitely use this on the skin parts of my eye. Possibly use it to smudge out the black colour for dimension.

Up next we have 3 shimmer texture lipsticks.

The packaging is yet again, really nice with the black and gold colours.

Shades from lef to right: Tiger Eye, Candy and Pink Parfait

I used the shade Pink Parfait in my video and I really like it. One of my favourite type of lipsticks are ones like these with shimmer sheens to them because then you don't need to add lip gloss. 
Really loving these!

That is the end for the products! There is just one bonus item that came in this kit ...

*drum roll*

An awesome clutch/makeup bag! How glam is this??!!

I can see the overall theme in this kit is very glamorous!

I must say, I am super impressed with this entire kits. 
Everything about it just screams luxury and glamorous! I am so glad I got this gift from my lovely boyfriend.

I have no idea how much he paid for this but I know he got it from Debanhams. I'm not too sure if these are limited edition items or not. But, if you are interested in Estee Lauder products or these ones in particular, you could always go have a look at their counter.

Check out my video to of how I used some of these products for the first time!
(yes that's right, I had to wait a whole 2 months or so to use them for the purpose of this video lol)

Have a great week ahead guys! :)